Characteristics of a Chess Player

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Characteristics of a Chess Player

How many of these describe YOU? Do/have/are/can you ...

1 Know the Rules of Tournament Chess (including En Passant, Castling, Promotion, etc)
2 Know the Basic Checkmates (K2R,KQ,KR,K2B,KBNvK)
3 Know how to Queen a Pawn (KPvK) using Opposition & Outflanking
4 Mastered the Elementary Tactics (Double Attacks, Pins, Forks, Discoveries etc)
5 Know how to Queen a Pawn from the Lucena Position
6 Doesn't Even Try to Play the 4 Move Scholars Mate
7 Own a Permanent USCF or FIDE Rating
8 Know how to Set a Digital Clock (Any Brand)
9 Understand how the Swiss System Pairings Work
10 Own a Dozen Chess Books that You have Never Read
11 Successfully Defended a Rook & Pawn Ending a Pawn Down
12 Know which Centuries Lucena, Ruy Lopez, Greco, Philidor, Morphy, Fischer & Anand Played in
13 Own a Dozen Chess Books that You have Read
14 Watch for Color Square Complexes in Your Games
15 Know One Opening Line 20 Moves Deep
16 Own a Chess Trophy that You Yourself Won
17 Able to Annotate a PGN game in Algebraic Notation
18 Finished a Tournament in First Place
19 Defeated a Master in a Tournament Game (Just Once)
20 Name the Classical (Match) World Champions Starting with Steinitz
21 Had Your Name in the Small Print of a Variation in an Openings Book
22 Annotated and Published One of Your Own Games
23 Annotated and Published a Game Played by Someone Else
24 Hold a Defensible Belief of Who is the Greatest Player Never Win the World's Championship
25 Know how to Offer a Draw in Accordance to the Rule Book
26 Played a Game While Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
27 Lost a Game to Someone 500+ Points Below You on the Rating Scale
28 Found a Move While Sleeping at night that You Missed Over the Board
29 Own an Autograph of a Favorite Grandmaster
30 Taught Someone Else to Play and then Lost a Game to the Student
31 Participated in a Round Robin Tournament
32 Smiled, Shaken a Hand and Said “Good Game” While Thinking “How Could I Lose to this Guy?”
33 Served as TD, Scorekeeper, Sold Pizza and Soda or Done Some Other Thankless Task for Chess
34 Has Been Asked to be an Officer of a Chess Organization
35 Own a Computer Chess Program (Chessmaster, Fritz, ChessBase, etc)
36 Played Chess over the Internet
37 Own Chess Videos or DVDs
38 Traveled over 100 Miles to Play in a Chess Tournament
39 Attended a Chess Camp, Lecture or Workshop
40 Own a Chess Book that is over 100 Years Old
41 Canceled an Important Meeting or Engagement to Play Chess
42 Know the Names of the Openings and sub-variation You Plays Regularly
43 Name the Color of a Square by its Algebraic Coordinates
44 Actually Played a Smothered Mate in a Rated Game
45 Know a Chess Master by First Name
46 Explain the Defensive Technique Called Philidor's Position in RPvR Endgmaes
47 Know with Conviction that Bughouse is Good/Bad for Your Chess Game
48 Memorized an Opening that You Don't Understand
49 Understand an Opening that You don't have memorized
50 Attend a Chess Club Regularly

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