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Hult Chess Club Meetings

Hult Chess Club meets every Friday night from 6:30 to 8:30pm in the community room of the Schnucks Supermarket at University & Glen in Peoria.When leaving, please remember we are the guests of the grocery store and there will be no running or causing commotion in the store.

The club is for K-12 youngsters in Peoria and surrounding Central Illinois areas. Sets, boards and clocks are provided. Activities range from small tournaments to instruction to puzzles and commentary.

2018-2019 Tournament Schedule

Date Event Location
Aug 2-3 Midwest Chess Camp (K-12) Peoria Academy
Aug 4 Midwest Chess Camp Tournament (K-12) Peoria Academy
Aug 18 Bradley Summer Open Bradley University
Oct 7 Champaign Chess Challenge (K-HS) Champaign
Oct 13 GPCF Chess Day Classic (K-HS) Packard Building, Downtown Peoria
Oct 20 Trahan Tournament (HS) Normal Community West HS
Oct 27 2018 Peoria Academy Fall Scholastic ] Peoria Academy
Nov 3 Morton High School Morton Invitational (IHSA) Morton Junior HS
Nov 3 Morton Junior HS Morton Invitational (IESA) Morton Junior HS
Nov 3 2018 Illinois All Grade Naperville
Nov 18 Illinois Class (ICA) Chicago
Dec 1 Brimfield Chess Invitational Brimfield HS
Jan 12 4th Annual Riverview Chess Tournament (K-8) Riverview Grade School, East Peoria
Riverview Chess Tournament (K-8) Canceled due to Weather, Rescheduled for March 2nd
Jan 19 St. Mary's Chess Classic (K-8) St. Mary's, Metamora
St Mary's Chess Tournament (K-8) Canceled due to Weather Rescheduled for February 16th
Jan 21 Martin Luther King Tournament (K-8) ISU Bone Center, Normal
Jan 25-26 2019 IHSA Sectionals1 Normal West HS
Jan 26 Bradley Winter Open Bradley Student Center, Peoria
Feb 2 Von Steubben Von Steuben Middle School, Peoria
Feb 8-9 2019 State IHSA Championship1 Peoria Civic Center
Feb 16 41st Tazewell County Scholastic1,5 Marquette Heights, IL
Feb 16 St. Mary's Chess Classic (K-8) St. Mary's, Metamora
Feb 22-23 2019 State IESA Championship)1 Peoria Civic Center
Mar 2 4th Annual Riverview Chess Tournament (K-8) Riverview Grade School, East Peoria
Mar 9-10 IL K 8 Championship (ICA K-8 Standings ISU Bone Center
Apr 6 PPS PFT Chess Tournament (PPS) Peoria HS (Date Change)
Apr 6-7 2019 Greater Peoria Open3 Packard Building, Downtown Peoria
Apr 12-14 All Girls National Championships Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Chicago
May 18 2019 Peoria Academy Spring Scholastic Peoria Academy

All tournaments are rated unless marked as unrated. Rated tournaments require USCF membership, available online or at the tournament. Please check details of all tournaments you may plan to attend by clicking on the tournament name. Clicking on completed tournaments should show the final results.

  • Note *: Links for Tournaments in RED will be filled in later.
  • Note 1: Unrated Scholastic Tournament.
  • Note 2: Rated Adult Tournament. Recommended for players rated above 1000.
  • Note 3: Rated Adult Tournament with Scholastic sections or Under 1000 Prizes.
  • Note 4: Illinois Tour Event.
  • Note 5: Only for members of the sponsoring organization

Honor Roll

Highest Ranking Hult Member by Grade
Chess tournaments use the last grade attended, so players are not shown in their new grade until school starts in the fall.
8 Rated Games to Qualify
Peak Ratings

Grade Player Rating
High School Alex Beecher 1780
8th Grade Abrar Monyem 1020
7th Grade Noah Li 958
6th Grade Alex Fei 1000
5th Grade Owen Zhang 1507
4th Grade Michael Li 1524
3rd Grade Vincent Fang 1433
2nd Grade Elbert Fang 1244

Hult Members Over 1300
8 Rated Games to Qualify
Peak Ratings

# Player Rating
1. Alex Beecher 1780
2. Patrick Li 1717
3. Michael Li 1524
4. Owen Zhang 1507
5. Milind Foulger 1457
6. Kushal Mungee 1443
7. Vincent Fang 1433
8. Len Brown 1409
9. Jason Li 1367
10. Caleb Calhoun 1356
11T. Nadia Frieden 1353
11T. Donald Egan 1353
13. Paul Peterson 1303


  • Tournament Results Prior to 2017-2018 School Season
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